The Facilities Management is to drive the structure to reach its purpose by best and lowest costs, to create qualified working environment and to provide the required support services for the organization or structure through an organization.

YKS that initially integrates the “Facilities Management” and “Real Estates Management” services within its body in Turkey coordinates each activitiy that increases the current and potential abilities of the organizations, the system and equipment designs of the buildings and all relevant activities about planning and running as well as it undertakes all management responsibilitiesof the buildings that could be developed and changed on time and help them to be preferred in the competitive market.

By its team experted in the comprehensive, professional service understanding, in the building and Facilities Management area, YKS provides “Integrated Facilities Management”. It undertakes the strategic service partnership role to focus on “main activities” and to reach the target of the organizations that have been benefited from the Facilities Management and maintenance. By means of sustainable development in the quality, service and efficiency, YKS that aims at maximizing service standard creates professional environment that opens to cooperation in each area thanks to its lively and energic company identity.



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